Starting Young – Wellbeing at Wood End School

Wellbeing Worx spent the day at Wood End Primary School to take part in their Wellbeing week. Pupils participated in Yoga classes, mindfulness and peer on peer massage. The benefits of teaching these skills early are fundamental in creating a healthy pattern of behaviour and arming the children with essential tools for their school life […]

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Supporting wonderful Willen Hospice at Ascot Ladies Day
Willen Hospice Ascot Ladies Day

We were delighted and privileged to be part of the Royal Ascot Ladies Day fundraiser at Willen Hospice on 21st June. Wellbeing Worx donated a prize of ‘a therapist for a day’ to the promise auction. Eden Financial and Wealth Management won the bid and we are looking forward to spending a day with them […]

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Why the Future Office will be as much about Fun as it is about Work
Futuristic office

Google’s headquarters in Zurich has a massage room, aquarium and a slide to deliver engineers smoothly and quickly to the canteen. Deloitte’s Amsterdam office was designed with one empty room on each floor for employees to put whatever they wanted in them – most have gone for games such as table football. At LinkedIn’s Californian […]

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The Open University opens it’s doors to Wellbeing Worx
Trial Day

Wellbeing Worx visited The Open University on 31 May and provided a very special free session of at-your-desk massage for staff in the Academic Policy & Governance team. 10 volunteers agreed to take part in a photoshoot for Wellbeing Worx and we gave them all a delightful 15 minutes of deeply relaxing and rejuvenating massage […]

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