Our Philosophy

our philosophy

Wellbeing Worx brings well-being into the workplace.

We help companies and organisations support their employees to take care of their minds and bodies through offering a range of services designed to holistically meet their well-being needs.

Evidence shows that positively supporting your staff’s health and well-being within the workplace leads to a happier and healthier workforce, increasing staff retention rates and productivity.

We deliver a first-rate, quality service using highly skilled, experienced professionals selected for their knowledge and expertise in their field.

Wellbeing Worx delivers a friendly but professional, effective and non-intrusive service designed to meet you and your employees’ needs.

Our Founder, Helen Hart

Helen Hart Founder

Helen started Wellbeing Worx because of her passion for holistic health and well-being and her belief that bringing services to the workplace can have positive benefits for both employees and companies.

Helen’s early career involved working in primary schools teaching yoga and well-being and supporting new mum’s through teaching infant massage. She has worked extensively in health spas and more recently has been delivering at-your-desk massages and well-being within the workplace. This work has enabled Helen to develop a clear understanding of how the stresses and strains of a job can adversely affect the mind and body.

After delivering at-your-desk massages she noticed significant positive changes in the attitudes of staff towards their work and a rise in the energy levels within offices improving the workplace culture. Feedback indicated that people performed better at work and felt more positive about their work-life balance. Many clients have said to her, ‘this is the best perk of the job’!

Our Team

Wellbeing Worx Team

Everyone in the team is an experienced, qualified and committed professional dedicated to their role and with a passion for the well-being of their clients.

Our diverse team members are personally hand-picked by Helen, ensuring that Wellbeing Worx only employs people with the right values, approach and skills set.

Team members receive good quality supervision and on-going professional development ensuring they are up-to -date with developments and good practice.

Our employees and associates work within Wellbeing Worx’s policies and procedures, including client confidentiality and health and safety. We are fully insured.

Our Associates

As well as massage therapists, Wellbeing Worx also have an extensive team of Associates we can call on to enhance our service provision and improve staff well-being within your company.

Our associates include:

  • Mindfulness Teacher/Coach
  • Pilates Instructors
  • Yoga Instructors
  • Counsellors

Associates work to our same high standards and are signed up to our aims and values, policies and procedures.

With our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the body and mind, we are able to identify which complementary therapies work best in conjunction with each other.

Our aim is to have maximum impact for your employees with minimum disruption to the working day. We ensure that any time away from work stations and desks is utilised productively.

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